2020 Annual Report
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A message from the President

Our Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (VFTCB) Annual Report is normally an opportunity for our organization to share the hospitality industry’s positive results, and successes for that year.

The year 2020 has challenged us, tested us, and humbled us in ways we couldn’t possibly have ever imagined. Since we’ve never experienced anything like this in our lives, we wanted our Annual Report to reflect these historic times. To serve as a reality check, a share in the struggle, and a beacon of hope.

Because true strength develops in surviving a crisis. After all, that’s what resiliency is – the ability to withstand, or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

But, in Montgomery County, PA, we like to think we’re more than just strong. We’re tough. We’re able to endure hardship, and pain, then overcome adversity.

Tourism is normally a key economic driver in Montco, contributing $1.65 billion in positive impact, and more than 20,000 jobs. This industry stimulates, and benefits, many businesses, towns, and communities right here in the third largest county in the Commonwealth.

Montco, specifically the hospitality sector, was one of the first – and hardest hit – areas in the state by COVID-19, and the ripple effects of hundreds of canceled events, thousands of lost room nights, and jobs, hurt a lot of people.

Your businesses are the heart of tourism and hospitality. Now, more than ever, our local county shops, and entrepreneurs need our support to survive this public health crisis. Sadly, some run the risk of having to permanently closing their doors, forever changing the landscape of their towns, and communities.

Many of you, and your places of business, have been there for us during some of the most important moments of our lives. Now, it’s our turn to be there for you.

This isn’t just about stores, and jobs. It’s about people, and the livelihoods your families depend on.

It’s our job to help elevate your businesses to another level. To advocate for you. To support, in the best way we can, the members, partners, and community that we represent.

As leaders in the region, that means adapting. And, we’re so proud that our organization, and you, have shown you’re resilient by doing just that. Rising above, and adjusting.

From Ambler to Pottstown, and everywhere in between, the county’s hotels, restaurants, retailers, and attractions have been working around the clock with limited resources, and new restrictions, to adjust their business models to stay afloat, while keeping employees, and customers safe.

The tourism industry has been bent, yes, but not broken. And, it will bounce back.

The only way forward is to come together, and learn.

You have our commitment to do everything in our power to position the amazing hospitality industry in Montco to withstand all of this, to help the once robust tourism bounce back, and to reinvigorate a strong economic impact that benefits the entire region.

We’re ready, and willing, to breathe life back into our small businesses, and get people back to work. To invest in local businesses, and people. To invest in you, and fight for you.

Because we believe in this destination. And, we’re not giving up.

Stay Strong. Stay Tough. And, #MakeItMontco.

Mike Bowman
President & CEO
Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board


Inspiring the world to fall in love with Montgomery County, PA.


A must-experience destination, rooted in the past and leading the future.


Valerie A. Arkoosh
MD, MPH, Chair
Kenneth E. Lawrence Jr.
Vice Chair
Joseph C. Gale

of Directors

Richard J. Odorisio
Meyer Jabara Senior Vice President – Operations Hotels
Vice Chairman
Tim Briggs
PA State Representative, 149th District
Kristofer J Fair
CCM, Bluestone Country Club
Elizabeth Moy
Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education (SEPCHE)
Christopher Molineaux
President & CEO, Life Sciences Pennsylvania
Eric C. Davies
Chief Operating Officer, Wurzak Hotel Group
Erin Reilly
Founder and Artistic Director, Theatre Horizon
Al Zone
Executive Director / CEO, Elmwood Park Zoo
Katharine Smith
Director of Marketing and Business Development Simon Property Group (King of Prussia Mall)
Tom Shires
President, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Gloria Oikelome
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Montgomery County Community College


Mike Bowman
President & CEO
Jake Markezin
Executive Director of Administration
Lisa Karl
Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships
Scott Higgins
Associate Director of Sales & Business Development
Jon Scheuren
Director of Sports
Rachel Dailey
Convention Sales Manager
Christine Dunn
Sales Manager
Justine Garbarino
Director of Business Development
Rachel Riley
Director of Communications
Maureen DiLello
Digital Marketing Manager
Samantha Cummons
Social Media Manager
Jared Spackman
Creative Designer
Kirsten Tallman
Director of Visitors Services
Megan Tomlinson
Director of Events, Membership and Services

Economic Impact

$ B
in tourism spending in 2019
tourism spending growth since 2016
in state and local taxes for every household in Montgomery County is supported by tourism
of all jobs in Montco are supported by tourism
employment sustained by tourism
$ M
income sustained by tourism
total room nights booked

Key metrics such as visitor spending and tourism employment show that Montgomery County’s share of the state’s tourism sector is growing.

Despite falling slightly in 2019, hotel sector KPIs are all up over the past decade. Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR have all increased significantly.

Montgomery County was set for another record breaking year in 2020.

Then the COVID-19 crisis hit,

resulting in a blow to the county’s economy, loss of jobs, and significant closure of businesses.

Through June, Montgomery County has lost an estimated $300 million in visitor spending relative to same-time-last-year (STLY).

The loss in visitors and spending have resulted in $63 million in hotel room revenue, $150 million in personal income from lost jobs, and $16 million in local and state tax revenue.

Through the end of 2020, the U.S. Travel Association estimates $505 billion in losses for the travel industry for a total of $81 billion in lost federal, state and local taxes by the end of 2020. *

The travel industry is not expected to recover until 2024.*

*U.S. Travel Association by Tourism Economics


The marketing team started 2020 building on the success of 2019, ready with new ideas to launch Montgomery County into a new decade. However, the team was forced to abruptly change course due to COVID-19. Despite the challenges that 2020 has brought, the marketing team remains committed to promoting the area.
How did we respond to COVID-19?
The Marketing team focused on community building.

Montco Strong T-Shirt Campaign

The VFTCB launched a #MontCoStrong t-shirt fundraiser to help support Montgomery County, PA’s COVID-19 Response Fund, which was established to support local relief efforts in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 700 t-shirts were sold at $25 apiece, raising more than $25,000. A $5,000 donation from the Montgomery County Industrial Development Authority was made to support the initiative.

The VFTCB designed the shirt and partnered with DJB Specialties, Inc., a VFTCB member in North Wales that specializes in custom apparel and promotional products.


Montco Strong Video Campaign

The VFTCB created a #MontcoStrong video to inspire residents, business and other partners in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The video uses imagery of empty parking lots, streets, and closed signs all across the county combined with messages of strength that together, the community can accomplish anything.

VFTCB worked with Ed Seider and 20/20 Visual Media on the project. Seiders is a Montgomery County native. The video was shared on social media and used on valleyforge.org.

Watch The Video

TakeOut/ Delivery/ Outdoor Dining Push

Due to COVID-19 many restaurants were forced to pivot their businesses to a new model.

The VFTCB promoted the takeout and delivery options at restaurants around the county, as well as outdoor dining options, to bring awareness and support to the restaurant industry.


Hotel Heros

To recognize hospitality employees who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, the VFTCB launched ‘Hotel Heroes.’

This initiative honors different hotel employees each week on the VFTCB’s social media channels.


Freedom from Hunger

The sixth annual Valley Forge Freedom from Hunger Food Drive ran online-only from September 1-30.

The sixth annual Valley Forge Freedom from Hunger Food Drive ran online-only from September 1-30. The VFCTB collected 20,000 pounds of food to help feed the less fortunate in Montgomery County, surpassing their goal by nearly 5,000 lbs.


Montco Golf

Golf courses in Montco reopened in May. The VFTCB jumped at the chance to promote the 50+ golf courses in the county, under new guidelines.

The VFTCB partnered with Golf Now and Golf Advisor to promote Montco Golf and the Montco Golf hotel package. Golfers can also avoid going into pro-shops, by booking tee times on Montcogolf.com.


Montcogolf.com pageviews


Montco Golf Guide requests


Golf Now tee time booking pageviews

Trails & Bike Montco

To continue to enhance Montgomery County, PA’s already thriving hiking and bicycle culture, the VFTCB debuted a biking video featuring Vice Chair of the County Commissioners, Ken Lawrence.

Montco has some of the best biking trails and routes around, and this initiative not only highlights safe, social distancing outdoor exercise, but also showcases the variety of experiences both on – and off – the county’s almost 100 miles of trails, and beyond.

Watch The Video


As people seek new forms of entertainment due to the pandemic, the VFTCB was happy to welcome Kilburn Live, a leader in live experiential entertainment, to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks for drive-in movies. The movies ran from July through the fall.


Main Street Campaign

The ‘Make it Main Street’ marketing campaign was an initiative to help all businesses in Montgomery County affected by COVID-19. Working with the Commerce Department of Montgomery County, our team created a new video, website, billboards and other advertising to encourage locals and visitors to shop, dine, and stay in Montgomery County.

Watch The Video

Diversity & Social Issues

Conversations around social issues, such as diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, are happening more than ever. The VFTCB is proud to join industry colleagues and hospitality partners in standing against hate and discrimination. Our organization is committed to doing everything in our power to work with our staff, members and partners to ensure all have the opportunity to benefit from the positive economic impact tourism brings to the region.


stories about
Montgomery County
M reach
Up 35% over 2019.
Potential exposure
up 320%
press releases about
Montgomery County

Favorite Headlines


In 2019, our experienced sales team had a successful year bringing meetings, conventions, trade shows and sporting events to Montgomery County.

2019 Montgomery County Hotel Stats

Room Nights sold
Room Revenue
New Hotels increase
Rooms in the County
Hotels in
Market Share of Rooms sold

While 2020 started off strong, with the sales team building off the momentum of the year prior,

everything came to an abrupt halt in mid-March due to COVID-19.

From April to August 2020, as many as 12 Montco Hotels were temporarily CLOSED as a result of the pandemic.

By September 1, all Montgomery County hotels re-opened. 120 cancelled events, representing 46,000 total room nights lost and a loss of over $4.5 million in economic impact.

The sales team created this new initiative with the goal of making health and safety information related to COVID-19 easily accessible to event planners. Most importantly, the sales team wanted to promote hotel and venue cleanliness and safety programs, to let planners know it is safe to bring group events back to Montgomery County. A new webpage was created to promote the initiative, plus VFTCB members were invited to update their website listings to indicate wellness changes to their businesses.

pageviews since
website debut
In response to COVID-19, the sales team increased communication via e-blasts, personal outreach and Zoom catch-up calls to keep hotels informed. In addition to increased communication, the sales team hosted hotel webinars as a more frequent way to keep hotels in the know.

Deep Dive
Quarterly calls, called “VFTCB Sales: Deep Dive” were a way to encourage further discussion on hot topics, such as Sports, Montco 360 virtual tours, and more.
room nights
generated in 2020
NEW hotels opening in 2020
rooms opening in 2020

By the end of 2020, there will be 81 hotels and 9,444 guest rooms and renovations will be complete in 7 hotels within Montco.
In 2019, weddings had a huge economic impact in Montgomery County. However, COVID-19 stalled the wedding industry in Montco. Despite the challenges, couples continued to say ‘I do’ and utilize the services of Montco Weddings.

weddings in 2019
average spend on
weddings in 2019
total wedding
sales in 2019

New Social Media Push

The Montco Weddings team renewed emphasis on social media to promote Montco weddings with a focus on diversity in venue type, couples and vendors.

Verbiage was chosen carefully to be sensitive to those forced to reschedule or cancel their wedding due to COVID-19.

The team also focused on promoting new wedding trends, such as smaller, more intimate celebrations.

weddings utilized our incentive program
nights generated in 2020
expected surge in wedding
revenue nationally in 2021

Valley Forge Sports continues to promote Montgomery County as a top choice for sporting events. In 2019, The Valley Forge Sports team set new records.
room nights
generated in 2019

Key Figures in 2020

In 2020, despite the disruption to the industry due to the pandemic, the sports sales team was able to host over 60% of the expected events in Montco.
room nights generated in 2020
NEW events hosted
events hosted in 2020

Maestroe Partnership Update
The sports sales team worked with Maestro Sports & Entertainment to bring events to the county. This partnership helped develop new relationships, resulting in an increase in events and room nights.
Johnsonville Cornhole Championship
The American Cornhole League (ACL) hosted the Johnsonville Cornhole Championship the weekend of July 4th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. The event aired on ESPN. This was the first event since March 15, after the county was allowed to reopen due to COVID-19.
International travel ended in mid-March due to COVID-19. While 2020 started off strong with Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) reporting a record 33.02 million airplane passengers in 2019.

The 2020 year-end forecast for international travel

Occupancy: 40% vs 67% achieved in 2019 a 40% decline Year-over-Year

The 2020 year-end forecast for international travel

Average Daily Rate: $95 vs $117 in 2019 a 18% decline YOY

The 2020 year-end forecast for international travel

Room Demand: 1.3M vs 2.1M in 2019 a 38% decline YOY

The 2020 year-end forecast for international travel

Hotel Revenue: $124M vs $250M in 2019 a 50% decline YOY


660+ Members


Tourism Talks

Before the pandemic, the membership team was able to host a networking event at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, called ‘Tourism Talks.’

The Montgomery County Commissioners were panel guests at this event, discussing their future vision and plans for the county.


Co-Op Recovery Package

In June, the VFTCB surveyed members, asking what they needed from our organization. Overwhelmingly, they responded with the need for promotional support.

From that information, we developed a co-op recovery package targeting restaurant members, which included a wide variety of marketing opportunities, for free.

More than a dozen members took advantage of this package.


New Orientation Format

Member Orientation was revamped to include a new component to educate members on important topics as they recovery from COVID-19. The new webinars were called ‘Montco in the Know’ and included topics such as Social Media Tips During COVID-19, How to Maximize Your Membership, and Public Relations and Storytelling during a pandemic.


Dues Structure

Due to the pandemic, our membership team suspended all renewal invoices to current members.

If members chose to renew, they received a 50% discount with the option to submit a free digital ad to run on valleyforge.org renewed membership was valid through the end of 2021.

Any new members received $100 off their membership fee. 28 members took advantage of this offer, and it attracted 3 new members. * as of 9/22.

MEMBERS (as of OCt1, 2020)

1750 Bistro (at the Holiday Inn Lansdale)
20/20 Visual Media
2912 Eatery & Bar @ Steppy's
30 Main
A Royal Flush
A Taste of Britain
A to Z Party Rental
Abington Art Center
Accent on the Rocks
Accessibility Shield
Account Name
Ace Limousine & Airport Service
Act II Playhouse, Ltd.
A'Dello Vineyard & Winery
Advanced Staging Productions
Adventure Aquarium
AG Marketing Solutions
AgileCat LLC
AKC Meet The Breeds
Amazing Escape Room
Ambler Main Street
American Graphics Institute
American Helicopter Museum & Education Center
American Heritage Student Tours
American Treasure Tour
America's Best Value Inn Pottstown
Amici Italian Market & Deli
Ana’s Corner Store
Anthology of King of Prussia
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Blue Bell
Ardmore Initiative
Ardmore Music Hall
Arnold's Family Fun Center
Arrive Valley Forge
Asher's Chocolates
Atlantic City Linen Supply, LLC
Autograph Brasserie
AVE Blue Bell Villas
AVE King Of Prussia
AVE Lansdale
Ave Malvern
AVE Newtown Square
B. Franklin, Printer
Bahama Breeze
Bald Birds Brewing Company
Balloon Rides Daily by United States Hot Air Balloon Team
Barn Fresh Vintage Market
Barn on Bridge
Bauman's Family PA Dutch Fruit Butters and Cider
Be Well Bakery & Cafe
Bella Vista Golf Course
Bergin's Chocolates
Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College
Bernie's Restaurant & Bar - Glenside
Bernie's Restaurant and Bar - Hatboro
Bertucci's-Plymouth Meeting
Best Western (formerly Days Inn) - Pottstown
Best Western Fort Washington Inn
Best Western Plus The Inn at King of Prussia
Beverly's Pastry Shop
Big Bleu Band
Big Laughs Photo Booth LLC
Black Powder Tavern
Blue Bell Country Club
Blue Bell Inn
Bluestone Country Club
Boardroom Spirits
Bonefish Grill
Borough of Hatboro
Bowling at the Factory in Oaks
Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery
Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles
Brandywine Hunt Club & Grille
Bravo Pizza Worcester
Bridge Street Chocolates
Bridgeport Borough
Brooke Voris Weddings
Brothers Kershner Brewing Co.
Brulee Catering
Bryce's Catering
Bryn Athyn Historic District
Bryn-Ellis B&B
Bucks County River Country
Bucks County Wine Trail
Buffalo Wild Wings
Building A Better Boyertown
Building Better Neighborhoods
Burly Dove Prepared Meals and Catering
Bury The Hatchet King of Prussia
Byers' Choice Christmas Museum
California Pizza Kitchen - King of Prussia
California Pizza Kitchen - Plymouth Meeting
Camp Adventureland LLC
Candlewood Suites Philadelphia-Willow Grove
Cantina Feliz
Canvas Valley Forge
Carlisle Sports Emporium
Carney Group
Carousel at Pottstown
Cashman & Associates
Catering by Design
CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc.
CCI Communications Inc.
Cedar Hollow Inn Restaurant & Bar
Cedarbrook Country Club
Central Perkiomen Valley Park
Century 21- Norris Valley Forge
CertaPro Painters of Blue Bell/Philadelphia
Chaddsford Winery
Chank's Grab-N'Go
Chapel Cabin Shop
Charlie's Pizzeria
Chateau Valley Forge
Cheltenham Township
Chestnut Hill College
Chiaro's Pizza Restaurant
Chubb Hotel & Conference Center
Cindy King Jazz
CinemaCake Filmmakers
City Sightseeing Philadelphia
City Works Eatery & Pour House
Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust
Colonial Theatre
Comfort Inn & Suites - Pottstown
Community Music School
Competitive Edge Sports
Conference Center at Penn State Great Valley
Conlin's Digital Print and Copy Center
Consolidated Graphic Communications
Corropolese Bakery and Deli, Inc.
Costa Deli & Gina's Amazing Gourmet Cupcakes
County Studio Tour
Courtyard by Marriott - Devon
Courtyard by Marriott - Valley Forge
Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Lansdale
Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Montgomeryville
Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Valley Forge/Collegeville
Courtyard by Marriott Plymouth Meeting
Courtyard by Marriott Willow Grove
Coyote Crossing Mexican Restaurant
Crane Communications Inc.
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
Creative Outfit
Creed's Seafood & Steaks
Creekside Sports Bar & Grille
Crooked Eye Brewery
Crowne Plaza - Valley Forge/Liberty Conference Center
CTM Brochure Display
Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery & Studio
Dave and Buster's - Plymouth Meeting
David Garrett Photography
Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse | King of Prussia Town Center
Days Inn - Horsham/Philadelphia
DCP Theatre
Deck Motel
Demestia Baking Company
Dettera Restaurant & Wine Bar
Devine + Partners
DiBruno Brothers Catering & Events
Discover Lansdale
DJB Specialties, Inc. / GForce Promotions
Double Eagle Bed and Breakfast
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton - Philadelphia West
Downingtown Country Club
Dreams Ice Cream At Glenside
Drexelbrook Catering at the Franklin Commons
Duck Donuts
DuPortail House
E Bar
Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site
Echelon Protection & Surveillance
Eddie V's
El Sarape
Elementary Connections
Elmwood Park Zoo
Elysium Marketing Group
Embarq Creative
Embassy Suites by Hilton Philadelphia Valley Forge
En Route
Escape Game King of Prussia
Escape Room Mystery
Escape Trappe
Evansburg State Park
Eventions Productions
Eventive Productions, Inc.
Executive Promotions & Geiger
Expedition Escape
Extended Stay America - King of Prussia
Extended Stay America - Plymouth Meeting
Extended Stay Horsham - Dresher Road
Extended Stay Horsham - Welsh Road
Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott Valley Forge/Great Valley
Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Philadelphia Willow Grove
Fairfield Inn Philadelphia - Valley Forge
Family Services of Montgomery County
Farm & Fisherman Tavern
Farmer's Daughter Restaurant
Farmers Insurance G Burke Agency
FASTSIGNS of Pottstown
Feine Coffee Shop
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
Fitzwater Station
Five Saints Distilling
Flanigan's Boathouse
Fogo de Chão
Forevermore Photos
Fort Washington State Park
Founding Farmers
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
French Creek Inn
Garden Grille & Bar - Exton
Garden Grille & Bar - Fort Washington
Garden Grille & Bar - Oaks
Garden Spot Village
General Exposition Services
General George Washington
George Washington Portrayed by Dean Malissa
George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast
Glenside Ale House
Global Tour Connection
G-Lodge Restaurant
Graeme Park
Grand Theater
Great Philadelphia Comic Con!
Greater Hatboro Chamber of Commerce
Greater Horsham Chamber of Commerce
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Green Lane Park
Green Valley Country Club
Grille at Chesterbrook
Grumpy's Handcarved Sandwiches
GSL & Associates of Merrill Lynch
Guppy's Good Times Conshohocken
Gypsy Blu
Gypsy Saloon
Hagey Coach & Tours Inc
Hampton Inn - King of Prussia
Hampton Inn - Philadelphia/Plymouth Meeting
Hampton Inn - Willow Grove
Hampton Inn & Suites - Valley Forge/Oaks
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Philadelphia/Montgomeryville
Hampton Inn Limerick
Hatfield Motel
Heckler Plains Folklife Society / Lower Salford Historical Society
Herr's Snack Factory Tour
Hidden Acres Campground
Hilton Garden Inn - Fort Washington Philadelphia
Hilton Garden Inn Exton - West Chester
Hilton Garden Inn Newtown Square Radnor
Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge
Historic General Warren
Historic General Warren Restaurant
Historic Philadelphia Center
Historic Trappe
Historic Yellow Springs
Historical Society of Montgomery County
Holiday Inn Express & Suites -Fort Washington
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - King of Prussia
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Limerick-Pottstown
Holiday Inn Lansdale-Hatfield
Holly Days Nursery & Landscapes
Home2 Suites by Hilton - King of Prussia/Valley Forge
Homewood Suites - Valley Forge
Homewood Suites by Hilton - Lansdale
Homewood Suites by Hilton Horsham Willow Grove
Homewood Suites by Hilton Philadelphia-Plymouth Meeting
Homewood Suites Great Valley
Hope Lodge
Horsham Township
Hospitality Staffing Solutions
Hotel Fiesole
Howlite Picture Company
HUNGRY Marketplace
Hyatt House King of Prussia
HYATT house Philadelphia/Plymouth Meeting
Hyatt Place - Philadelphia/King of Prussia
iFLY Indoor Skydiving
Illustrated Designs, Inc.
Imprint Beer Co.
Independence Seaport Museum
Independence Visitor Center Corporation
Info-Graphix Systems Inc.
Innovative Catering Concepts
Integrated Services Solutions LLC
Iron Abbey Gastro Pub
Italian Market
J&J Chauffeured Transportation, Limo Coach & Bus Service
J. Alexander's Restaurant
James A. Michener Art Museum
John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove
Joseph Ambler Inn
Joseph Ambler Inn Restaurant
JR Resources
Karley's Chair Covers & Specialty Linens
Keswick Theatre
Kevin Smith Transportation Group
Kilwins King Of Prussia Town Center
King Limousine & Transportation, Inc.
King of Prussia Beer Outlet
King of Prussia District
King of Prussia Mall
King of Prussia Town Center
Kleins Bus Service
KOP Magic Lab
Koziar's Christmas Village
Krapf's Coaches
La Massaria at Bella Vista Golf Course
La Prima Catering
Landis Creek Golf Club
Laskaris & Laskaris
Lazer Limousine
Legend's Sports Bar and Grill
LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Philadelphia
Life Sciences Pennsylvania
Lily of the Valley
Lily's Grill
Limerick Bowl
Lindt Chocolate
Lobby Bar at the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel
Lochel's Bakery
Lock 60 at the Schuylkill Canal Park
Logowear House
LongHorn Steakhouse
Longwood Gardens
Lord & Taylor
Lorimer Park
Lower Perkiomen Valley Park
LuLu Shriners
Lumbrada Express
Luxor Lifestyle Apartments
MACnificent Pages
Macoby Run Golf Course
Macy's Inc.
Maggiano's Little Italy
Main Line Chamber of Commerce
Main Line Expo
Main Line Health
Main Line Today Magazine/Today Media
Manor College
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Linda Walters
MayoSeitz Media
McAllister Brewing Company
Mennonite Heritage Center
Methacton Community Theater
Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine
Mirror Image Media
Mission BBQ
Molly Maguire's Irish Restaurant & Pub
Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
Montgomery County Commerce Department
Montgomery County Community College
Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
Montgomery County OIC
Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
Morton's The Steakhouse
Motel 6 - King of Prussia
Motel 6 Pottstown PA
Motivational Marketing
Movie Tavern-Collegeville
Museum of the American Revolution
Music at Abington
NaBrasa Brazilian Steakhouse
Naf Naf Grill
National Constitution Center
National Liberty Museum
National Museum of American Jewish History
National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa
Navitas Marketing
New Station Pizza
Nirvana Float
Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center
Norristown Chamber of Commerce
Norristown Farm Park
North Hills Country Club
North Italia
Nostalgia 1720 Weddings and Special Events
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Oaks Race & Sportsbook
Oliver Construction, Inc.
Opera Philadelphia
Orchestra Concordia
Our Town Alley
P.J. Whelihan's Pub - Oaks
Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar
Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund
Paravati Catering
Park Square
Party Center
Party Favors Ink
Peddler's Village
Penn Cinema Huntingdon Valley
Penn Community Bank
Penn Museum
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Pennypacker Mills
People's Light
Pepperoncini Restaurant, Bar & Catering
Peppers by Amedeos
Perkiomen Trail
Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce
Persian Grille
Peter Wentz Farmstead
Philadelphia / West Chester KOA
Philadelphia Folksong Society
Philadelphia Gift Show
Philadelphia Magazine
Philadelphia Marriott West
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Premium Outlets
Philander Chase Knox Estate
Philly Music Lab
Philmont Country Club
Phoenixville Country Club
Phoenixville Foundry
Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce
Piazza on the Square
Pizzeria Vetri
Play It Out, LLC
Playcrafters of Skippack
Plaza Azteca King of Prussia
Plaza Azteca Plymouth Meeting
Plymouth Little League
Plymouth Meeting Mall
Poco Loco Paintball
Polaris Brand Promotions
Port Providence Paddle
Pottsgrove Manor
Pottstown Area Industrial Development
Pottstown Farm & Artisan Regional Market (FARM)
PPL Promotions
Presidential Caterers
Pretty Tasty Cupcake LLC
Proforma Vindee Marketing Solutions
Quality Inn - Pottstown
Quality Inn Montgomeryville
Rational USA
Raven's Claw Golf Club
Reach Climbing and Fitness
Red Buffalo Ranch
Red Carpet Inn
Redstone American Grill
Residence Inn by Marriott - Philadelphia/Conshohocken
Residence Inn by Marriott Montgomeryville
Residence Inn by Marriott Willow Grove
Residence Inn Collegeville
Residence Inn Great Valley Malvern
Restaurant THREE01
Revolution Chop House
Rising Sun Inn
RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve
Riverworks Apartments
Robert Ryan Catering & Design
Roberts Event Group
Rodeway Inn Conference Center
Rose Bridge Farm & Sanctuary
Round Guys Brewing Company and Pub
Royersford Hotel
Ryan Christopher's BYOB
S.A. Oliver & Co.
Saffron Indian Kitchen - Wayne
SAGE! Escape Room
Savona Restaurant
Scent & Sip
Schuylkill River Greenways
Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center
Scoogi's Italian Kitchen & Bar
Scott Arboretum
Scott E. Mabry Photography
Seasons 52
SERVPRO of Norristown
Sessano at Raven's Claw Golf Club
Shady Maple
Shake Shack
Shake Shack - King of Prussia Mall
Sheraton Great Valley
Sheraton Valley Forge
Shibe Vintage Sports
Shining Moments Event Planning
Shoen Safety & Training
Skippack Village
SLS Productions
Sly Fox Brewing Company
Soccer Shots
Sojourner Suites
Sol Yoga Studio
Solvation Distribution
Southern Cross Kitchen
Spectrum Printing, Inc.
Speed Raceway
Spirit of Philadelphia
Splitting Edge Axe Throwing
Spring Ford Country Club
Spring Mountain Adventures, Inc.
Spring-Ford Chamber of Commerce
SpringHill Suites - Willow Grove
SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Plymouth Meeting
SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Valley Forge/King of Prussia
St. Sophia Church, Saints Faith, Hope & Agape
Starlite Entertainment DJs
Staybridge Suites - Philadelphia Valley Forge
Staybridge Suites Montgomeryville
Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery
Steel City Displays
Steel River Playhouse
Steve Kramer, Classical Musician
Stirling's Restaurant
Stone and Key Cellars
Stoneleigh: a natural garden
Stove and Tap
Suburban Square
Sullivan's Steakhouse
SunnyBrook Ballroom
SWAG (STUDENTS Will Achieve Greatness)
Synergetic Sound & Lighting
T&S Limousines
T. Burke's Gastro Pub
Talamore Country Club
Tannery Run Brew Works
Tantra Hair Salon & Day Spa
Taphouse 23
Tavern at Valley Forge
Taylor Backes Glass
TCO Fly Shop
TD Bank
Ten7 Brewing Company
Tents Party Rental
The 1912 Club
the Alloy King of Prussia, a DoubleTree by Hilton
The Amish Farm and House
The Barnes Foundation
The Bercy
The Bridal Event by Bouche Productions
The Capital Grille
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County
The Encampment Store at Valley Forge National Historical Park
The Globe Inn
The Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grill - East Norriton
The Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille - North Wales
The High Point
The Hub Restaurant and Bar
The Inn at Villanova University
The Kennel Club of Philadelphia
The Loft at Landis Creek
The Lucky Dog Gastropub
The Mainstay Inn
The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park
The Melting Pot
The Mill
The Montgomery County LGBT Business Council
The North End Market
The Philadelphia Orchestra
The Porch
The Proving Grounds
The Stoogeum
The Styer Group
The TV Truck.com
The Underground
The Vault
The Venue
The Village Players of Hatboro Inc.
The Ways Restaurant and Brewery
The WordTech Group
Theatre Horizon
Three Daughters Inn
Timmy D's Deli & Catering
TL Golf Services
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Philadelphia Horsham
Travel Champs
TreVi Pizza Pasta BYOB
TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce
Trilogy Park BMX
Tru by Hilton Audubon/Valley Forge
True Food Kitchen
Turkey Hill Experience
Turtle Creek Golf Course
Twilight on the River
Twin Turrets Inn
Two Amigos Mexican Taqueria
United Granite LLC
United Site Services
Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce
Upper Schuylkill Valley Park
Ursinus College
USSSA of Eastern PA/NJ
Valerio Coffee Roastery and Café
Valley Beach Poolside Club
Valley Creek Productions
Valley Forge Car Wash
Valley Forge Casino Resort
Valley Forge Casino Resort Event Center
Valley Forge Casino Resort Weddings
Valley Forge Catering Company
Valley Forge National Historical Park
Valley Forge Park Alliance
Valley Forge Towers North
Valley Tavern
Vance Community Partners, Inc. Veterans Music and Arts School
VATv, Ltd.
Veracity Studios
Via Veneto Pizza and Italian Ice Pizza Place Italian Restaurant
Videocraft Productions
Villanova University Office of Conference Services
W.B. Mason Company, Inc.
Waffle Mamas
Washington Memorial Chapel
Water Tower Cinema
Waxing the City
Wear It's At/Kaufman Advertising
Wegmans Food Market and Pub - King of Prussia
Welcome To The Avenue
Werner Coach
West Laurel Hill Cemetery & Funeral Home
West Norriton Auto Wash and Detail Center
Wharton Esherick Studio
White Dog Cafe-Wayne
White Horse Tavern and Wine Bar
Whitpain Township Parks & Recreation
William Penn Inn
Williamson Caterers
Willow Creek Farm Preserve
Willow Grove Park Mall
Wise Owl Multimedia
Wister's Barbecue
Woodmere Art Museum
Woodmont Estate, Father Divine's Library & Museum
Woodside Lodge at Spring Mountain
WoodSpring Suites Plymouth Meeting
Worcester Golf Club
Workhorse Brewing Company
WorkMerk Conshy
World Wide Stereo - Ardmore
World Wide Stereo - Montgomeryville
Xfinity King of Prussia
Xfinity Live!
Xfinity Montgomeryville
Xfinity Pottstown
Xfinity Willow Grove
XL Sports World
Yard House Restaurant
Yard House Willow Grove
Your Part-Time Controller, LLP
Zinc Bar + Grille

Visitors Services

Valley Forge National Historical Park

In July, The VFTCB debuted a new video showcasing Valley Forge National Historical Park. The video included drone shots of the park’s 3,500 acre-landscape, statues and the iconic National Memorial Arch. The video also showcases all there is to do in the park: walking, hiking, running, biking and more.

Key Figures

Economic Impact
Visitors Each Year
Visitors Center Visitors
Visitor Center Renovations
The Visitor Center at Valley Forge National Historical park is currently undergoing renovations. Renovations will provide new windows, new finishes including flooring, carpets and signage, energy efficiency improvements, updated collections storage, expanded physical accessibility, modern fire protection and security systems as well as a new HVAC system.

Valley Forge National Historical Park & COVID-19

Valley Forge National Historical Park remained open during the pandemic, so that visitors could take advantage of the park’s trails and open space.

Following guidance from the CDC and recommendations from state and local public health authorities in consultation with NPS Public Health Service Officers, all park-sponsored public programs and events were postponed.

On Friday, September 4, the official Montgomery County Visitors Center in the temporary Visitor Center at Valley Forge National Historical Park re-opened, after being closed for 5 months due to COVID-19.

Changes included:
- A protective screen around the welcome desk
- Social distancing floor markings, and signage video displays
- QR codes to access digital guides, as well as printed publications

Rev Run
The 15th Annual Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run (Rev Run), which was scheduled for April 19, 2020, at Valley Forge National Historical Park was canceled due to COVID-19. All proceeds were returned to sponsors and participants. The event raises funds to enhance the visitor experience at Valley Forge National Historical Park. To date, the VFTCB has given back more than $450,000.
As our recovery is underway, we want you to reacquaint yourself with our resilient region.
From historical treasures, like Valley Forge National Historical Park, to our restaurants, world-class shopping, nearly a hundred miles of trails and family-friendly attractions, Montgomery County is ready to write an amazing comeback story. 2019-2020 was an unprecedented year for us in many ways. Despite the challenges, Montgomery County is well positioned to lead a much needed recovery. The Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board remains committed and determined to rebound from this crisis.
2021 dates to look forward to